Class Babylon::Base::Stanza
In: lib/babylon/base/stanza.rb
Parent: Object

Class used to Parse a Stanza on the XMPP stream. You should have a Stanza subsclass for each of your controller actions, as they allow you to define which stanzas and which information is passed to yoru controllers.

You can define your own macthing pretty easily with the element and elements methods, as explained in the SaxMachine Documentation: if your stanza is a message stanza, you can match the following for example: element :message, :value => :to, :as => :to element :message, :value => :from, :as => :from element :message, :value => :id, :as => :stanza_id element :message, :value => :type, :as => :stanza_type element :message, :value => :"xml:lang", :as => :lang



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    # File lib/babylon/base/stanza.rb, line 18
18:       def initialize(xml = nil)
19:         parse(xml.to_s)
20:       end